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"A Journey Shared Part 7 - "More Musings on Prayer".

My last Blog was actually a bit thin on practical talk about how to get moving with the habit of daily prayer.

One thing I am sure of is that there is no template that we can devise which will suit everyone.
My first, and very obvious suggestion, is to take the first step:
1. Find a quiet place - with your Bible.
2. Some people play some quiet back ground music or light a candle.
3.Wait upon the Lord
4. Be still and clear the lines of communication. Pray for forgiveness of your sins and deviation for the path.
GET SELF OUT OF THE WAY! (God cannot fill you if you are full of yourself - remember!)
5. In the beginning I started by trying to achieve a fairly rigid structure, by using this acronym:

  A = Adoration
  C = Confession
  T = Thanksgiving
  S = Supplication

6. I found that after a few weeks, and reading quite a few more books my prayers began to take some rough shape around this basic foundation.
7. (The Big Step). I started writing it all down. Everything becomes more specific…