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"A Journey Shared - Part 3 "Free Will - Choose Your Path Wisely".

I expect objections, and they will come from evolutionists, secular humanists, moral relativists and atheists.

We are currently witnessing an attack on Christianity from aggressive atheists, on the one hand - lead by Richard Dawkins and his ilk, and on the other hand those who seek to dumb down Christianity. Those who wish to make some of the more challenging teachings of Jesus more acceptable to how 'The Word' fits in with what they would rather believe.
Liberal Theology, Secular Humanism and Moral Relativism is a real threat to Christianity, and it comes in many a disguise and you will find it all over Facebook, mostly based on completely false teaching without any truth whatever.
False prophets abound!
There are also those who seek to 'disprove' Christianity by Science.

I find this difficult to digest. As far as I know Science is involved in the physical, observable and reasoned world - not the spiritual.

"Christians believe that God created the universe and th…

"A Journey Shared Part 2 - "Where I Was, and Where I Am".

An admission I make in my first Post is that whilst calling myself a Christian I was deceiving myself (and perhaps some people who are not aware of being a true Christian is) as I had largely ignored or sidelined the spiritual dimension of the faith I claimed to be part of.
'I am the light of the world", declares Jesus in John 8 vs 12.
In saying this he makes the claim that He is the exclusive source of spiritual light and that no other source of spiritual truth is available to mankind.
So, whilst I was not only in denial to my faith I had also dosed up on self. And I had become so full of self there was no room for anything spiritual whatever.
I was, quite literally, walking in darkness - knowingly. But trying to deny it by sprouting forth Christian Apologetics 'around the dinner table' and boring everyone to tears. There is probably good reason that we are told "...not by your good works, that you might boast". (Matthew 6 vs 1)

If I use the teachings of 'by…

"A Journey Shared - Part 1. Introduction"

On reflection, this journey started many years ago as I will reveal in future Blogs.

The real story started in January 2017 when the reality of the situation set in.
Some members of my family expressed a concern about the way I was talking and eating, and enquired if I was in any pain.
An instruction to make a doctor's appointment was issued!

After numerous tests, scans, biopsies and all the battery of medical procedures undertaken these circumstances I was diagnosed with a malignant carcinoma on my tongue.
This was surgically removed in March 2017 and some muscle 'harvested' from my left forearm used as a replacement.
A seven week recovery process was followed by a 6 week course of radiation.

The first check up in August 2017 indicated that all seemed to be well.
December check up, however, lead to another operation to remove another growth in my neck.
Further tests and scans have lead to yet another round of chemotherapy and radiation to another growth (February March …